Legal Video Services

  • Depositions; In-Office & Remote
  • I.M.E. (Independent Medical Exams)
  • Day-In-The-Life Documentaries
  • High Resolution 3D Animations, Illustrations & Trial Graphics (see sample #2 below)
  • Victim Impact Statements, Interviews

Additional Services

  • Deposition editing
  • Trial-ready video/transcript synchronization (see graphic #1 below) and standard MP4 videos. In most cases next day, online delivery is available at no additional charge
  • 3D printed models, laminated storyboards & trial graphics
  • Product video examinations (tires, faulty equipment, signage, etc.)
  • Document signing (will, prenuptial)
  • Aerial videography & photography
  • Forensic photography
  • Surveillance videos
  • Marketing videos to promote your office and introduce your attorneys
#1 Video/Transcript Synchronization – Online Delivery

#2 Litigation Graphics; Animation, Illustration, 3D Printing, Laminated Storyboards & More

When drafting your complaint, preparing for mediation, focus group presentation, or getting ready for a big trial, we partner with Focus Graphics to create an arsenal of graphics specifically tailored to your case.

With a team of litigation strategists, medical experts, world-class animators and illustrators, your client’s case will come to life. In today’s social media world, if the jury doesn’t see it, it didn’t happen. Get the verdict your clients deserve.

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