Make Your Own Marketing Video!

How much time could you save if there was an easy way to answer your customers’ most…

Frequently Asked Questions?

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If you have a clear & informative video on your website or social media, you will…
  • Connect with your ideal client
  • Save time by not answering the same questions over & over
  • Have a website that projects trust & confidence
  • Connect on a ‘relatable person’ level immediately
  • Separate your business from your competitors by using clear & simple messaging
  • Propel the growth of your business

How The
‘Make Your Own Marketing Video’
Package Works

Your Clients Are Looking For You! If You Don’t Show Yourself, How Are They Going To Find You?

  • Videos will be filmed at Park Avenue Event Center, 242 S. Park Ave, Tucson, AZ 85719
  • Film up to 10 individual videos. Each video answers one question and is suggested to be between 30 to 90 seconds so they’re easily consumable via social media
  • You’ll receive Horizontal (website/Facebook) & Vertical (Instagram/Tiktok) versions of each video for various applications
  • You’ll get up to 1 round of basic edits
  • First draft: sent online within two weeks of filming
  • Final delivery: within one week after your feedback
  • Total investment: depends on the tier level you select

All Tiers include:

  • Studio rental
  • Pro Camera(s)
  • Pro Microphone
  • Pro Lighting
  • Teleprompter
  • Creative Guidance
  • Expert Editing
  • Online Delivery

Your Marketing Format Should Include:

  • Opening – (Introducing Yourself & What You Have to Offer)
  • FAQ – (Answering Your Clients’ Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Closing – (Call to Action or Promotional Announcement)

Tier 1 $300 (contact us for samples)

  • Up to 2 videos: 1 FAQ question each, 1 horizontal & 1 vertical version of each.
  • 30 mins of studio time.
  • 1 camera angle.
  • Basic backdrop.

Tier 2 $450 (contact us for samples)

All of Tier 1, plus:

  • 1 additional video, 3 total videos.
  • 45 mins of studio time.
  • Embedded titles, contact information & your logo (vertical videos have limited space).
  • Enhanced color, saturation & brightness (image grading).

Tier 3 $700 (contact us for samples)

All of Tier 2, plus:

  • 1 additional video, 4 total videos.
  • 1 hour of studio time.
  • 2 camera angles for introductory/explainer videos only.
  • Custom backdrop with your projected logo.
  • Opening/closing non-copyright music.

Tier 4 Call for pricing (contact us for samples)

All of Tier 3, plus may include some or all of the below:

  • Up to 10 videos total (for you to time-release throughout the year).
  • Filmed at your location (multiple locations if necessary).
  • Includes B-roll video of your talking points, with drone video.
  • Customer testimonials.
  • Custom graphics & animation.
  • Scriptwriting assistance.
  • Professional voice talent narration.
  • Closed captioning
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